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During your visit to my site, you may stumble across landscape images of a rambling rural, coastal, or an altogether grittier urban nature. Architectural curiosities abound elsewhere, sometimes with historic significance, other times trivial. Grime-ridden signs of neglect and decay also lurk amongst the often pastoral serenity and the pristine. Meanwhile, a more human disposition may also be found where the peace is broken by festivity and the musical instruments wielded. Finally, much darkness is illuminated here with a display of one of my favourite subjects - nocturnal and low light photography.

You may reach the main galleries page by clicking on the image slideshow above. Please feel free to leave your general comments or questions (via 'Guestbook' in the top menu bar). Alternatively, you may leave comments or questions about a specific image via the comment box at the bottom of the image's page.

I hope you enjoying visiting this site!

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Art Trail Exhibition, Bocabar
25th November 2013
Somerdale: Unwrapped
22nd November 2013
366 Days Project
12th November 2012
Creative Hub Launch Evening
26th September 2012
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Staircase, D Block Somerdale Unwrapped
A return to the former Frys/Cadburys factory during redevelopment in 2013.
Early Morning Murk Sunset on Somerdale
Images of the Cadbury's Somerdale factory, Keynsham (2010)
Old Gauge Shadows in the Power House
Part of the Somerdale factory project, the atmospheric interior of the Power House at the site is explored.
366 Days
Features some images from a year long photo-a-day project (2012).
Eyesore Dereliction
Derelection, dilapidation & decay.
Idealogy Occupy Bristol
Study of the Occupy Bristol anti-capitalist protest camp on College Green, Briatol.
New Lifeboat House, Tenby (2) Structures
Architecture & structures.
Monastery Candles Nocturnal
Nocturnal & low light scenes.
Padstow Moonlight Coast
Seascapes & coastal features.
Twilight Harbourside Bristol Harbourside
Buildings and features around the docks in Bristol.
Going Underground Urban
Urban landscapes & features.
Lock Gate Rural
Rural Landscapes & features of the countryside.
Golden Levels (panormic) Glastonbury Tor
A midsummer's evening on Glastonbury Tor
Behatted Cyclist People
People portraits & general character images.
Light in the Park Winter
Ice and snow encrusted landscape and detail images.
40 Alfred Place Frontage Dinewithi
Images from the launch evening of the new Bristol-based dining experience, dinewithi.
Festivals Festivals
Live artists, concerts & festivals.