Somerdale Unwrapped portfolio A return to the former Frys/Cadburys factory during redevelopment in 2013. Sunset on Somerdale portfolio Images of the Cadbury's Somerdale factory, Keynsham (2010)
Shadows in the Power House portfolio Part of the Somerdale factory project, the atmospheric interior of the Power House at the site is explored. 366 Days portfolio Features some images from a year long photo-a-day project (2012).
Dereliction portfolio Derelection, dilapidation & decay. Occupy Bristol portfolio Study of the Occupy Bristol anti-capitalist protest camp on College Green, Briatol.
Structures portfolio Architecture & structures. Nocturnal portfolio Nocturnal & low light scenes.
Coast portfolio Seascapes & coastal features. Bristol Harbourside portfolio Buildings and features around the docks in Bristol.
Urban portfolio Urban landscapes & features. Rural portfolio Rural Landscapes & features of the countryside.
Glastonbury Tor portfolio A midsummer's evening on Glastonbury Tor People portfolio People portraits & general character images.
Winter portfolio Ice and snow encrusted landscape and detail images. Dinewithi portfolio Images from the launch evening of the new Bristol-based dining experience, dinewithi.
Festivals portfolio Live artists, concerts & festivals.